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Behavioral Supports

A data and student-centered approach to help students stuck in an unproductive and isolating behavior loop that they do not YET have the skills to escape.

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Strategies and interventions to provide a balanced literacy diet and support all levels of readers.

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The guiding philosophies, policies, and practices to implement inclusion with fidelity.

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Rachel’s favorite part of being a special education teacher is that every child is unique and teaches her something new every day.

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Blog Posts

Creating a Google Forms Data Tracking System

Tracking data is imperative to our job as special educators to ensure our students are making progress. Of course, easier said than done while we are balancing myriad spinning plates. I highly recommend creating a Google Forms data tracking system, which is accessible and efficient, and applicable to distance and in person learning. A Google […]

Creating a Blending Board Binder is as Easy as ABC!

Blending boards help students learn the foundational reading skills of segmenting and blending consonant-vowel-consonant (cvc) words. Download this free resource and follow this step by step tutorial to put together your own blending board binder that can be used as a phonics warm up or as a teaching strategy for emerging readers. Step 1: Cut […]

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